Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION:  What are Bioplastics?

ANSWER:  Bioplastics are a new generation of compostable & biodegradable plastics which are made from readily renewable resources such as corn, soybeans,potato, etc.



ANSWER:  PLA is Poly Lactic Acid and is a product derived from renewable plant resource, corn for example, with a look and feel like petroleum based plastic.  PLA isthe most commonly used bioplastics for making products.


QUESTION:  How are the PLA products manufactured?

ANSWER:   They are made by processes which are similar to how plastic products are made.

QUESTION:  How long will the PLA take to decompose or compost?

ANSWER:  Certified compostable PLA products by ASTM D6400 are required to degrade within 180 days in a commercial composting facility. Biodegradation will be faster if the products are broken down to small pieces or ground up.


QUESTION:  What if Ithrow PLA into the trash?

ANSWER:  PLA cutlery is designed to return to the soil through composting.  If thrown into the trash it will be collected and end up in a landfill.  Landfills are sealed which means little biodegradation occurs below the surface, so whatis thrown away may not degrade for a long time.  However, it is still environmentally better than plastic, as eventually the bioplastics will still biodegrade, while petroleum based plastic will stay around for hundreds of years.


QUESTION:  What if Ithrow my PLA into the recycling bin?

ANSWER:  If PLA products are thrown into the recycling bin, they will not be recycled into other plastic products.  PLA is currently not manufactured to berecycled, but to be composted.  (Keep in mind that after the sorting process, a low percentage of plastic is actually recycled.)


QUESTION:  How does PLA handle heat and cold?

ANSWER:  The PLA products are heat resistant to 45℃ degrees ,the modified PLA (C-PLA) products are high heat resistant up to 85℃.


ANSWER: PSM (Plant Starch Material) is made from various plant starched, including corn. We use this material to produce cutleries.


QUESTION: Can I use PSM cutlery for hot foods?

ANSWER: Yes. Our PSM cutlery heat resistance is up to 104℃.

QUESTION: Can I reuse Green Day cutlery?

ANSWER: Yes. Please do - our cutleries marketed mainly as disposables, but there is no need to throw them away!  Wash and dry them, then store in a dry environment.

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