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Green Day Eco-friendly Material Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing commercial compostable products, including PLA Cutlery, PLA Straw, PLA lined paper hot Cup and PLA Cup Lid, etc. All of them are commercial compostable and meet the international leading standard, such as ASTM D6400 and EN13432. BPI certificate and DIN CERTCO certificate are available. We are one of the biggest supplier in China for compostable products. The ISO-9001 Quality Management System and ISO- 14001 Environmental Management System have been performed in factory strictly. As a member of the Biodegradable Material Group (BMG) of China, Green Day treat GREEN EARTH as our mission. We offer our green products to customer all over the world.

Green Day has strong technical support from our highly experienced professors, creative designers. They specialize in the field of macromolecular compounds, biotechnological engineering and plantstarch researching, and they keep working on modifying, improving the raw material. With their effort, our products have been greatly improved in quality. These products perform much better than others in strength, heat-resistant, appearance, etc. And most important, they have more competitive price.

We look forward to your join for GREEN EARTH mission. Contact us now, you will get the lowest price, and also free samples.

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